Digital Marketing Consultancy

The job of Digial Marketing is the same as any other kind of marketing, i.e. To create an environment in wich a salesperson can close a sale. We are essentialy communicating positive messages to potential customers using modern technology.

While the term Digital Marketing covers wide range of activities for most of us it means delivering some kind of advertising materials in a digial format. The Digital Marketing channels we normally use to deliver this material are Search Engines, Websites, Social Media & Email.

Search Engine Optimisation SEO

When people type something into a search engine they expect to get a list of websites that offer goods, services or information relevant to their search query. Search engines analyise your pages and makes a decision as to how relevant the search query is to your page and positioning it in the list of search results accordingly.

SEO is also a set of best practices that support your digital marketing campaigns.

Kelston Digital Marketing Consultancy

Social Media Marketing

The Social Media industry has evolved to meet the demands of users and it is no longer just a frivalous activity but one where people use it to discover and educate themselves about brands before they buy. So, your digital marketing social media activities need to encourage people to engage with your contant so they will be more likely to share it and influence others.

Content Marketing

It is vital to ensure the content of your web pages are well written, easy to read and relevant to your potential customers.

Sounds a bit obvious dosn't it but so often you see pages written to enchance your digital marketing and adhere to Seach Engine Requirements to the extent the grammer is compromised. There has to be a balance and writing web pages is a challenge.